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The JetPCL product has been around since 1991 and therefore has had a long history of use in the field. Some customers are big and others are small. Some of our customers have company policies that do not allow their employees to give us quotes for publication. So, please understand that these quotes do not represent our entire customer base. We are grateful for all those customers that were willing to send us their comments. Here is what a few customer have to say!

"English language: JetPCL is an essential part of our fax server products. It is used to convert user supplied PCL documents from all kinds of sources into fax image files. Since we integrated it into our software package in 1993, it has always satisfied our customers and us. The images rendered by JetPCL are highly accurate. When a customer does not get the results he expects, the first thing we do is to send his PCL files to a HP printer, just to show that JetPCL and the printer produce the same image. In the rare cases where we cannot solve a problem on our own, the support given by Tech Know Systems is impeccable. Questions are answered immediately and, if necessary, a new version of JetPCL is shipped within a couple of days. At the request of our customers we have to process other input file formats then PCL. Comparing JetPCL with other solutions we use to render Postscript or PDF into fax images, JetPCL is the easiest to install, offers the most powerful means for error analysis and works by far faster than anything else. German language: JetPCL ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil unserer Faxserver-Produkte. Es wird benutzt, um die aus unterschiedlichsten Quellen stammenden PCL-Dokumente unserer Benutzer für den Faxversand in Bilddateien zu konvertieren. Seit wir es im Jahr 1993 in unser Software-Paket integriert haben, hat es immer zur Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden wie zu unserer eigenen Zufriedenheit funktioniert. Die von JetPCL gerenderten Bilder sind sehr akkurat. Wenn einer unserer Kunden nicht die erwarteten Resultate erzielt, ist das erste, was wir tun, seine PCL-Dateien auf einen HP-Drucker zu schicken, um zu zeigen, dass das JetPCL und Drucker die gleichen Abbildungen erzeugen. In den wenigen Fällen, wo wir ein Problem nicht selbst lösen können, ist der von Tech Know Systems geleistete Support nicht zu beanstanden. Fragen werden sofort beantwortet und, falls nötig, wird eine neue Version von JetPCL innerhalb weniger Tage geliefert. Auf Wunsch unserer Kunden müssen wir auch andere Eingangs-Dateiformate als PCL verarbeiten. Im Vergleich mit anderen Lösungen zur Konvertierung von Postscript oder PDF in Bilddaten ist JetPCL am einfachsten zu installieren, bietet die leistungsfähigsten Mittel zur Fehleranalyse und arbeitet mit Abstand am schnellsten. "
Thomas Schwarzer - Product Support Manager
Ferrari Electronic, AG
Teltow, Germany
"FaxAgent uses JetPCL to convert LaserJet PCL content into fax ready images. Fast and accurate rendering is critical to the success of our product. Using JetPCL allowed us to transparently support PCL with very little integration effort. Tech Know Systems technical support helped us get started by creating a set of quick programming tasks needed to integrate the JetPCL product. With sample code fragments and a simple/limited set of distribution files, we were up and running within a few days. Given the complexity of PCL rendering, this was a major accomplishment. Over the last few years, we have been able to add new PCL capabilities. These include font mapping, customized cover sheets, and image overlay processing. JetPCL is without doubt the fastest and most reliable rendering engine in our product. Tech Know Systems tech support adds confidence to our ability to deploy PCL integrated solutions. JetPCL has saved us time, money, and added a new dimension to our product."
Nick Basil - Director of Product Development
Axacore, Inc.
San Diego, CA, USA
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