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The JetPCL product has been around since 1991 and therefore has had a long history of use in the field. Some customers are big and others are small. Some of our customers have company policies that do not allow their employees to give us quotes for publication. So, please understand that these quotes do not represent our entire customer base. We are grateful for all those customers that were willing to send us their comments. Here is what a few customer have to say!

"FaxCore uses JetPCL to convert LaserJet PCL content into fax ready images. Fast and accurate rendering is critical to the success of our product. Using JetPCL allowed us to transparently support PCL with very little integration effort. Tech Know Systems tech support helped us get started by creating a set of quick programming tasks needed to integrate the JetPCL product. With sample code fragments and a simple/limited set of distribution files, we were up and running within a few days. Given the complexity of PCL rendering, this was a major accomplishment. Over the last few years, we have been able to add new PCL capabilities. These include font mapping, customized cover sheets, and image overlay processing. JetPCL is without doubt the fastest and most reliable rendering engine in our product. Tech Know Systems tech support adds confidence to our ability to deploy PCL integrated solutions. JetPCL has saved us time, money, and added a new dimension to our product. "
Director of Product Development
FaxCore Corp.
San Diego, CA, USA
"We are successfully using JetPCL Print Filter in our Terminal Server environment. The JetPCL Print Filter has provided the ideal solution for our needs. We have over 100 users that print from SAP, the primary application used on our Terminal Server. Our users employ a large variety of printers, many of which are not supported by SAP. Because there are so many different printer models and SAP only supports printing on a small variety of them we needed a software solution that is independent of the printer. JetPCL does just what we need. We no longer have to be concerned with specific printers used by our clients. The support team at Tech Know Systems has been extremely helpful and responsive to our needs. The team took the time to work closely with us in order to customize their product and ensure it satisfied our specific requirements."
Steve Downie Systems Engineer
Conair Corporation
East Windsor, NJ, USA
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