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The JetPCL product has been around since 1991 and therefore has had a long history of use in the field. Some customers are big and others are small. Some of our customers have company policies that do not allow their employees to give us quotes for publication. So, please understand that these quotes do not represent our entire customer base. We are grateful for all those customers that were willing to send us their comments. Here is what a few customer have to say!

"We are using JetPCL to deliver PCL documents created by mainframe applications in our agents Website as PDF documents. In almost four years of use we never have had a problem with JetPCL! We sincerely think that this is a very robust and reliable software product. But also as important, it is flexible and easy to use. I would like to thank Tech Know Systems for all the support that we have received and I would strongly recommend using JetPCL! "
Miguel Pinto - Software Development Team Manager Companhia de Seguros Fidelidade Mundial
Lisboa, Portugal
"We've been using JetPCL from Tech Know Systems for about 6 years as part of our basic fax services platform; it's our sole mechanism for converting PCL files and attachments to fax-compatible image files. Our system is totally automated; the software we use must be 100% reliable, produce consistent and accurate results, and meet our customer's demanding standards for image quality. One of the real challenges for us, as a service provider, is to have the ability to take whatever we get and make just make it work -- that's tricky to do when you have more than 500,000 customers who send in files that need to be converted to fax-compatible images. JetPCL has been great. It just works! In all the time we've been using it, we've never had a problem with JetPCL. Occasionally a customer sends us a file that JetPCL can't understand; when that happens JetPCL does just what we want it to do -- it dumps an information diagnostic message into our log files which automatically alerts us to the issue. We can immediately get back to the customer that send us the problem PCL file and work with the customer to fix their problem. At the same time, we can also pass the problem to Tech Know Systems for their advice which usually means helping us diagnose our customer's problem or make changes to JetPCL if needed! In fact, Tech Know Systems has always been extremely responsive to these "customer" specific issues and have always diagnosed the problem within hours. What is even more satisfying is that they take the lead in resolving the problem -- to the extreme that they will work with the vendor of the software that produced the problem file and get them to fix the problem when that is appropriate. In all the time we've been using this software -- for more than 5 years -- we've never had a problem which turned out to be a JetPCL problem and we've never had a problem where Tech Know Systems didn't help us find a solution."
Jim Kaufeld - Senior Director
Easylink Message Services Development
Piscataway, NJ, USA
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