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The JetPCL product has been around since 1991 and therefore has had a long history of use in the field. Some customers are big and others are small. Some of our customers have company policies that do not allow their employees to give us quotes for publication. So, please understand that these quotes do not represent our entire customer base. We are grateful for all those customers that were willing to send us their comments. Here is what a few customer have to say!

"When developing our DynamicPaper product to allow Unibasic and dL4 language developers to print forms and convert to PDF on the fly for document storage, web download or emailing ... we reviewed and tested plenty of products. We needed something that would run on Windows, Linux and Unix environments and convert PCL to PDF flawlessly. We found most products did not function as advertised and failed to handle more complex forms. JetPCL was the only product that passed the product testing phase. Since then we have been pleased with the performance of the product, its capabilities and the support provided by Tech Know Systems."
Joel Grotzinger - DynamicPaper Product Manager
Dynamic Concepts, Inc.
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
"Thank you for your speedy delivery of the JetPCL software. This has now allowed us to move our printing solution forward using a common base which has enabled Micro-P to deliver business documents, such as Invoices, Credit Notes, Customer Statements, Sales Quotations and Purchase Orders which can the be Printed, Faxed or Emailed. This has been achieved in a short time frame due to the easy configuration of the software and the impressive performance of the PCL to PDF conversion software. The support offered by Tech Know Systems has been superb with any questions answered quickly and efficiently with great results. Before selecting the JetPCL product we evaluated a number of similar solutions. The JetPCL software was a clear leader due to its precision of document conversion, speed of operation and not forgetting value for money. "
Cliff Warrington - Operations Director
Micro Peripherals Ltd.
Accrington, Lancs, United Kingdom
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