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The JetPCL product has been around since 1991 and therefore has had a long history of use in the field. Some customers are big and others are small. Some of our customers have company policies that do not allow their employees to give us quotes for publication. So, please understand that these quotes do not represent our entire customer base. We are grateful for all those customers that were willing to send us their comments. Here is what a few customer have to say!

"As a small German company in the document output management market, we provide our customers with high quality software solutions for document management and especially printout, based on the PCL printer language. Several of our software modules allow the new design of printable documents. One of these modules gives our customers the ability to manage their electronic forms. JetPCL is integrated into this as the one and only tool used to visualize the appearance of the resulting form. No paper is wasted to see what the printer will print. Another software module that uses JetPCL is the configuration tool. This is also used for bringing print data into a new shape. Having a preview ability is a must in this tool and because, later in the process, PCL is produced by our software on the server, it has to be a PCL preview. We found JetPCL to be the software with the best value for the money. It is fast and reliable. A third module runs on Linux servers. Here JetPCL is used for high quality PDF output of documents that shall not only be printed out, but archived too. With its remarkable conversion speed and the output of searchable and selectable PDF text, JetPCL for Linux has been our choice. Our company can look back on a successful six year partnership with TechKnowSystems! In all these years we only had minor problems with JetPCL, and these always turned out to be caused by bad PCL data. With the help of Tech Know Systems, as soon as the PCL was cleaned up, JetPCL worked correct again. "
Lutz Rentel - Softwareentwicklung
Software Development Department
PROUT Software gmbH
Darmstadt, Germany
"The University of Minnesota has been using JetPCL for several years to convert PeopleSoft PCL report files into TIFF files for import into our ImageNow document management system. This is an automated process running on UNIX Solaris 10 servers, and has a number of moving parts. JetPCL has proved to be the most reliable part of the whole process. We have not had a problem with our JetPCL conversion process since it went into production. "
Dan Wagner - Product Manager
Enterprise Financial Systems Project
University of Minnesota, USA
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